And the truth is you probably need to work harder.

But what does it mean to work harder? I bet it’s not what you think.

It’s not gritting your teeth and grinding through one last rep. I bet that rep looks like shit.

I’m not saying you don’t need to push yourself, but if your strategy ends there you’re not going to be happy with your results.

How about we eat snacks instead of working out?

Again!? But I worked out so hard last week.

Most people don’t need to get themselves ready to run through a brick wall before they workout.

That’s not what working harder looks like — if you’re doing it right.

How are you going to feel the next day after you go BEASTMODE? Totally destroyed?

How are you going to have the motivation to work out again the next day if you’re so sore you can’t even sit on the toilet.

Working harder sometimes means having the discipline to make sure your form is on point — even if it means getting less reps.

It’s holding back because you know you are coming back tomorrow. It’s making the commitment to still be there if you feel like crap.

I'm not perfect but I'm majestic AF

I’m hungry and I’m tired, but I’m here and ready to get better.

Consistency is king.

While you still have to come to the gym, you don’t have to smash yourself. Instead, you could focus on working a full range of motion. It might look like you’re half-assing your workout. But 1 hard workout and 1 technique workout is better than slamming yourself into the ground and then sitting on your ass for the rest of the week.

Another part of working harder is setting up the rest of your life so you can recover from pushing hard.

Are you getting enough sleep? Eating the right things? Doing your foam rolling?

If you get injured, you’re not making progress.

These are the basics and the basics are what we do at Element Athletic. We squat, hinge, push, pull, and twist.

And we have the best coaching in the city.

You can be the most unathletic, most inflexible person and we will still make sure you get the results your looking for — in a safe and effective manner.

All you need to do is come with a desire to work hard. We’ll do the rest.