1. It’s gotta be tough because you want results.
  2. It should be fast paced so you don’t get bored.
  3. The people have to be awesome.

It’s a tall order. But it’s what we strive for at Element Athletic.

We know you don’t have all day so classes are 45min long and we work your whole body.

We have a new workout every day to keep things fresh.

You’ll learn how to use a Kettlebell as well as a ton of other skills from gymnastics to deadlifts.

It’s all part of the coaching we are proud to offer.

Intensity without intimidation.

We believe that your workout should push you — but not injure you.

Too much in life is a competition. You can’t compare yourself to other people and when you try to be better than other people, you are only setting yourself up for injury.

The only competition you should have is with yourself. That’s why our motto is Stronger Every Day.

Each day we want to be a little better than we were yesterday. But we don’t want to sacrifice long-term results for short-term ego.