Camille lost 8lbs even while travelling for work every week!

“I’m far from being the poster child for group fitness or a transformation challenge. I travel 1-2 times per week for work, I’m often at client lunches or dinners (definitely not eating salad), and my days are always different and change on the fly.

In short, I’m usually set up to fail for any fitness program as it’s difficult to meal prep when I’m away so often and I hesitate spending the money for classes when I’m not sure if I’ll be in town. I tried the “flexible” alternatives:

-The 10 class punch cards for group fitness, thinking I’d easily hit at least 10 classes in the 3 month span. Turns out I don’t like being in a room sweating with 30 other people. Expired every time.

-The online 12 week at home/hotel gym workout plans with nutrition guides and exercises and the social media support communities. I actually got through 24 weeks of one program at one point a few years ago (though it took me 38 weeks)…and subsequently have restarted Week 1, 40 times.

-Running. I’ve been picking up and dropping long-distance running for the last 2 decades and my MO is to sign up for a race, thus forcing myself to train. Without fail, my last run will be race day and then I’ll get inspired to pick up running again roughly 12 months later.  

When my husband suggested I join his gym through the Transformation Challenge, I was actually very absorbed by my phone and I said yes without paying attention. So when Steve called me the next morning to discuss the challenge, I had zero idea what the Element Athletic workouts consisted of and already had all of my excuses lined up for why anything nutrition related was going to be a struggle. He suggested just coming in to class that day to check it out and that we were just going to baby step the nutrition part by getting into the practice of tracking.

I definitely wouldn’t call Element group fitness–it’s like personal training and you’ve just split the time and cost with a few friends.The workouts are go at your own level, though you can definitely push yourself to your max if you wanted to. No one’s yelling at you to go faster or harder or heavier, but Steve and Levi are very encouraging when you do want to step it up. The only thing they’re really sticklers about is form and rehab (stretching and foam rolling), which for me, meant that I was actually able to get through the whole 6 weeks, not missing classes due to pulled or strained muscles.

The food side of the transformation ended up being much more straightforward than I imagined it would be. Steve suggests a nutrition plan, but is open to whatever type of diet works for you. I opted for the daily check-in and it took a little while to get used to it, but he was always really clear that he wasn’t here to shame me on my weaker food moments.We made small, gradual changes over the last 4 weeks and the final result that was that I dropped 8lbs…and have kept it off.

Taking part in the Transformation Challenge has been hands down, the best decision I’ve ever made for a healthier lifestyle. Now, on any given day, I have the energy to get up at 5am, hop a flight to Calgary, work the day, return home, and sweat it out at an Element class.I’m actually cooking at home on a regular basis and making balanced meals that I love more than takeout sushi(though I still love love love takeout sushi)…and I still don’t really eat salads! I feel strong and I’ve never been more satisfied with how I look.

I went into this with every excuse in the book, but looking back, it didn’t seem all that hard to get the results I did. Element has trainers with no egos who genuinely want their clients to be healthier versions of themselves. It’s much better value than anything else out there (believe me, I’ve tried them all!) and, honestly, there’s very few things that feel better than trying “your size” pants on and then buying the more appropriate fitting next size down!”