Liane dropped 2 pant sizes!

“Before starting the Tranformation Challenge I knew I needed to make a change – after a few months off from the gym due to a concussion and then just being too busy with work, school and family, I wasn’t nearly as strong, resistant to injury or energetic as I used to be (let alone that ever growing spare tire following a gluttonous Christmas break!).  As an activity-junky, I used to think that by simply increasing my exercise I could eat and drink whatever I wanted, but as my late 30’s (and 2 kids under 5) carried on I knew I needed a jump start towards a healthier self.

I finally understand now that all calories are not equal – optimizing my macro proportions and feeling how it corresponded to energy and fullness was a game-changer!   I was never hungry, and now only crave the things that my body wants to keep going on this plan.  I really loved the flexibility of the system – as a creative cook I appreciated being in control of the menu, and enjoyed the challenge of finding delicious meals that my whole family could enjoy while aligning with my macro ratios.

In the final weeks of the program I had so much untapped energy, was never hungry, and I was seeing real results – super motivating!  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely fell off the wagon a few times as I’m not a fan of opting-out while socializing, but it was really easy to climb back on again after feeling the difference of being on- vs. off-plan.  4+ weekdays 6:15am workouts/week became the norm (thank to an awesome husband!), and I found myself finishing the workouts faster and stronger than I had in a long time. Dropped a bunch of weight and almost 2 pant sizes in the process – Bonus!

Thanks Levi and Steve for your continued motivation, and desire to help your clients reach their goals no matter their level of ability and fitness.”