Norma lost 14lbs and dropped 4 inches from her waist!

“I have to be honest – I was kind of dreading doing this challenge. I have tried weight loss programs before without much success because I usually give up after a few weeks.

But doing the challenge with the whole gym was a different experience. There was a built in support system and people that I was accountable to, so it made sticking to the program so much easier than doing it on my own – it was great to know that I wasn’t the only person saying “no” to the tasty treats people keep bringing to the office!

Plus, Steve was always available to answer my nutrition questions and offer encouragement – I actually reached out to him for some emotional support on a few occasions and he never let me down! I ended up having a great experience and I am really happy with my results.”

First 6 week Transformation
Results after 2nd 6-week Transformation